Welcome to Boskay Metal,

Boskay Metal,  which began to its journey in the iron and steel industry with its roll mill facility established in 1990, realizes production of equal angle, flat bar, round bar, square bar, reinforcement bar and commercial profiles.

From production to logistics services; Boskay Metal, which continuously improves all its processes in accordance with the current trends , offers to its customers the opportunity to grow together by creating a competitive advantage.

In order to protect and develop our production and market share in today’s national and international competitive steel markets every necessary step is taken. Our aim as Boskay Metal is to increase our share in the market by producing products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. To ensure this, we guarantee the quality at every stage of production. ISO 9001-2000 and European CE certificate have been selected for quality assurance in production, factory and service. The main goal of this system is total quality management. As Boskay Metal, we believe that all of our employees will make a significant contribution to quality and productivity within the concept of continuous development and reach success.

Boskay Metal, which defines quality as the main principle, analyzes steel billets chemically and physically. After the analysis is done, it is taken into production process and rolled according to the demands of the customers.

After the physical and chemical analyzes are performed on samples randomly selected from the products that have been manufactured, two analysis results obtained are presented to our customers for comparison.

Vision: Boskay Metal considers the vision of reaching a respectable, stable and strong position in the industry with entrepreneurial spirit and courage.

Mission: Boskay Metal accepts the mission of being a world company that raises the life quality of people by producing high value added steel products with social responsibility and environmental awareness and is committed to continuous improvement.

As Boskay Metal, we aim to develop and improve our environment policy as the reputation we have in the iron and steel sector.

Our goals in this regard are;

To protect global resources and realize energy saving,

By reducing the amount of waste by supporting recovery and re-evaluation activities,

By using new or improved technology in our production process and our products, we are able to minimize the environmental, health and safety risks.

To raise awareness of our employees and our suppliers about the protection of the environment,

To comply with all legal and environmental legislation related to our facilities,

We take the principle of periodically improving the Environmental Management System to constantly improve and make a drop on us for a livable environment.